NIAAA Completes Update to CollegeAIM

Screenshots of three new fact sheets: Hangovers, Interrupted Memories, Women and Alcohol.

After extensive review, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) has released a revised version of CollegeAIM—the College Alcohol Intervention Matrix—its comprehensive resource to help colleges and universities address harmful and underage drinking among their students.

Developed with input from leading college alcohol researchers, along with college student life and alcohol and other drug (AOD) program staff, the CollegeAIM guide and website were created to help college personnel use research-based information to choose wisely among the many potential interventions.

Its centerpiece is a comprehensive and easy-to-use, matrix-based booklet and website that help guide college staff to effective, evidence-based strategies. CollegeAIM can help schools choose interventions wisely—boosting their chances for success in addressing harmful and underage student drinking, thereby improving the health and safety of their students.

CollegeAIM is unique in the breadth of research covered by its analysis and was designed to be updated periodically to capture recent research findings in peer-reviewed journals and to ensure that recommendations are revised accordingly.

Information in the original CollegeAIM was grounded in evidence-based research on college alcohol interventions published through 2012. The revised CollegeAIM was updated to include new research findings through 2017. These studies were evaluated by a team of research experts, and 7 interventions were added to the nearly 60 strategies already included. These newly added interventions include online alcohol education programs, computer-based personalized feedback, skills training, the enactment of fake ID laws, and the establishment of minimum pricing. Five interventions received updated ratings—for effectiveness and amount of evidence—based on the new research findings.

CollegeAIM is available at