Alcohol and “Deaths of Despair”


Training Tomorrow’s Alcohol Researchers

Pictured, left to right: Caroline Djakuduel, Laboratory of Neurogenetics; Mei Mei Zuo, Laboratory of Physiologic Studies; and
Riley Paulsen, Laboratory for Integrative Neuroscience

Each summer, NIAAA’s Division of Intramural Clinical and Biological Research (DICBR) hosts high school, college, and graduate students from across the nation. These student-trainees work in the DICBR laboratories, gain research skills, and receive mentoring from NIAAA researchers.


New And Updated NIAAA Publications

Screenshots of three new fact sheets: Hangovers, Interrupted Memories, Women and Alcohol.

NIAAA recently released new publications on topics of increased interest from the media and general public, as well as visitors to the NIAAA exhibit booth at professional meetings.

News From The Field

Stepped Alcohol Treatment Improves HIV And Alcohol Outcomes

Female doctor talking with a female patient in a clinical setting

Increasing the intensity of treatment for alcohol use disorder (AUD) over the time course of treatment reduces alcohol consumption among people living with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and AUD, according to new clinical research supported by NIAAA.

5 Questions With…

Mark Egli, Ph.D.

Mark Egli

Deputy Director of the Division of Neuroscience and Behavior.


The Complex Relationship Between Alcohol and Pain

Man sitting with his head in his left hand and holding a glass in his right hand.

The relationship between alcohol and pain is a complicated one. It is a common belief that alcohol dulls pain, yet research shows that sometimes alcohol can make pain worse.